International Dimension

The school acknowledges that geographical borders can do nothing if one has wings to fly. Obviously, the present generation needs to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be the global competitors harnessing the new trends being practiced in the globe. We helped our students make perfect participation in the following events.

  • Red Cross Circle International Conference-2004, Japan.
  • Water-Rocket Launching Competition-2010, Malaysia.
  • 1st International Nature Summit-2015, Bangladesh (2nd prize in Turn-the -Coat Competition).
  • Alumni Small Grant-2015 US Government (We trained 16 schools in Open Online Course in Pokhara).
  • 2nd International Nature Summit-2016, Bangladesh. In the competition among 423 institutions from 23 countries. (We bagged Three 2nd and Four 1st Prizes).
  • Federal Assistance Award-2016, US Government (We trained about 1000 students and 100 teachers across the country on the open online course).
  • School Action Project Grant-2017, British Council.
  • Selected By British Council to participate a global project “Rivers of the World” that connects 72 schools from 12 countries in Asia and Africa with 36 schools in the UK. During the projects, the art and crafts of our students will be displayed by Thames River, London.

Student's View