Message From Principal

Narayan Baral

We are very much delighted to disseminate information about our School and its activities to our parents and well-wishers through this official web site of Motherland Secondary School. Without doing any delay, I would like to welcome you in this site and do hope you will not only obtain information about the activities in the School but also enjoy every moment visiting this site in.

Motherland Secondary School was established in 2051 BS (1994 AD) with an aim to impart quality education to the children so as to produce them as creative, responsible and qualified citizens. The vision of the School is to address the challenges faced by our society through education that builds capacity of our students and empower them through their creative & innovative thinking, rational practice and character building. The School has a strong commitment to provide best value based education to all the students. The School is working right from the beginning to provide a conducive environment that enables students to experience effective and better learning through constant engagement leading to the higher learning achievements, the development of good character, virtues and values. Because of this, the school has been able to achieve remarkable success in its short history of fewer than 25 years. Among them, the best School award among all the private schools in Western Development Region by the government of Nepal in 2073 BS ( 2016 AD) and the best School award among all private Schools across the country by the Ministry of Education in the year 2075 ( 2018 AD) are the main achievements besides many others in district, zonal and regional level.

Quality in education is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional phenomenon. It is influenced by several factors. It can however be ensured to a large extent with accessible area, comfortable and convenient facilities, effective delivery of lesson through experienced faculties, conducive teaching and learning environment, caring culture and attitude, and highly satisfactory results. At Motherland, we consolidate our utmost efforts to improve and strengthen these core areas and components to make sure of better quality education for the development of charming personality of every student.

We are determined to make every student a total quality person by giving him/her additional exposure in several areas beyond the classes and enhancing his/her overall knowledge, skill and confidence to make education more meaningful. We appreciate very much the suggestions, feedback, and criticism based on fact from all the stakeholders including students, parents, and well-wishers. We do hope this website will be instrumental in establishing an effective channel of communication between us and bring necessary improvements on our respective part that will ultimately benefit our students to groom them as good and responsible citizens.

Thank you,