Message From Director

Tribhuvan Sharma

A pretty long time has been passed since we started producing competent human resources for the era. We have collected lots of painful as well as pleasant experiences during the period. These memories have always been encouraging us to be a better mentor the other day. Certainly, today’s students need not merely the instructors but the inspirers who can ease their journey to their chosen fields. The performances that our products have been displaying justify that we are perfect partners for their personal development.

We feel proud to announce that our school is corporal punishment-free zone and take pride in claiming Motherland, a land of opportunities. With the resources available we have so far been successful in digging out the hidden talents in students. Cecil John rightly said, “So little done, so much to do:”. It has been a motivating phrase to us. Today we have come to a very remarkable position justifying our motto “Quality Education For Everyone”. Collectively efforts of our faculty, administration, students, guardians, and well-wishers have helped it achieve a special identity not only in the nation but also in international level. Yet, we have a long way to pave for the generations to come. As a matter of fact, our commitments and achievements have drawn the interest of lots of teachers and trainers from different countries. This creative and cordial co-operation has enabled is to step into global arena partnering academy in the UK and USA. The overwhelming support and success have made us more responsible for our goals. So, alongside strengthening the child-centered learning methodology, we are in the process to run Bachelor’s Degree classes in near future.
I must say that the credit of the greatness we have achieved so far goes to all who have been directly and indirectly supporting us in thick and thins.
We respect your trust and expect the same from you.