Academic Life in Motherland

It is no surprise that intellectual growth and development are at the heart of a Motherland education. Challenging students to think critically and broadly will happen in all disciplines. We expect students to be stretched by the faculty and the curriculum. After all, they are here for nothing less! Motherland School offers many types of academic support services and resources to guide and assist students as they progress through their education. These services grow from our care for each student and our commitment to excellence in learning.

A day life at Motherland School

The child’s voice plays a major role in the school. Our staff and students enjoy an unusually supportive relationship that is built on mutual respect. We pay great attention to each individual’s needs and aspirations.
Our community is made up of individuals who work as a team precisely because their individuality is given room to develop both inside and outside the school. The school day starts at 10:00 am with Tutor Time, music ensembles or Assembly, followed by attendance, lessons from 8.50am. Groups’ lessons conducted for 45 minutes for important subject daily till 5.00 pm, with Activities following on until 5:00 pm.

A Day Boarding Life at Motherland School

For Day Boarding students from class 1 to 12, the academic day ends at 5:00 pm but most students take part in activities which end at 5.30pm. Students are given extra tutorial classes for important and difficult subjects. Living in the distinctive Motherland day boarding helps develop students’ self-confidence and respect for others. Students are offered a balanced and varied diet which includes hot and cold meals, an extensive salad bar and a vegetarian choice.

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