About Motherland

"Our Motto: Quality Education For Everyone"

The institution was born as a primary school by the name Motherland English School in 2015 B.S. i.e. 1995 A.D.Struggling through the transitional period in the country, it is preparing a lot to contribute a lot to contribute to the formation of New Nepal by imparting quality education to the young angles, the future guards of our motherland. Being situated in a pollution free- location, it has already shown its brilliant performances in the last Sixteen SLC results (i.e. 100% Distinction and First Division with Board Second among girls, 2062-Manisha Sharma, Board fifth in SLC 2069-92.80%- Sujan Timilsina). Claiming Regional Education Shield -2073 from the Government of Nepal in 2073. Besides, it also has a significant result in the examination conducted by HSEB.